Just for fun…

  • I have to remind myself that other people may be terrible drivers, but I’m probably not that great either.
  • I take what I do very seriously, but me – not so much.
  • Public speaking doesn’t bother me; I actually kind of like it.
  • I loved living in Seattle, but Fargo is home to me.
  • I’m at peace at the lake with nothing but my family and my camera.
  • I love to organize everything but my own desk.
  • Video games are one of my favorite escapes.
  • I’m exceptionally detail oriented, but love unscripted moments.
  • I sing completely off-key, and I hardly ever know the lyrics. But I still sing.
  • The quiet hours of the night are when I get the most work done.
  • I’ll take my two dogs over a cat any day.
  • I’m a perfectionist learning to let go.


  • I can’t wait to hear from you.